Sunday, September 16, 2012

:[SELECTED:TRACKS]: Semotus Vita - Surround Me

(Unter Null Side Project)
Semotus Vita - Surround Me


  1. Surround Me
  2. You Were Perfection
  3. These Walls
  4. Pity For the Corrupt
  5. In Silence There Is Only Darkness
  6. I Wish It Would End
  7. Agony
  8. Loveless Concerto
"Semotus Vita is a side-project of Erica Dunham (Unter Null/Stray) produced from 1997 until around 2002. Inspired originally by great dark ambient and noise artists such as Lustmord and Brighter Death Now as well as film-score composers such as Hans Zimmer. These tracks were never officially released but are now available for a name-your-pricing option on Bandcamp."

Released 28 March 2011
All tracks written and composed between 1997-2001 by Erica Dunham

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