Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sombre Soniks Sunday for September 30, 2012: Babalith - Xibalba Mannequins

:[DZR]: and Sombre Soniks Studios present

:[Played twice, for benefit of our global community]:
8pm [GMT+1/1pm CST] &
8pm [CST/3am GMT+1]

:[Feature for September 30, 2012]:
Babalith - Xibalba Mannequins 

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to receive a 25% off the cost of this release!!!
[Offer good from the start of the show until next week's Sombre Soniks Sunday]

"Babalith was first created in 2008 as an experimental project, meant to create altered states of mind and to investigate new ways of accomplishing music. The earlier works were used for plays but Babalith soon grew into an independent project. Starting as dark ambient and then adding some influences of ethnic music, noise, psychedelic, progressive, ambient and psy-trance, Xibalba Mannequins brings Babalist back to it's origins but denser. Babalith will now lead you into the realms of the dead star, the saturated place of fear and phantoms, through the deadly houses. Lay at the hands of the Blood Gatherer and know we shall not for ever die, but from under the earth we shall sleep."

Sunday, September 23, 2012

:[NEW:SHOW]: Sombre Soniks Sunday

:[DZR]: and Sombre Soniks Studios present

:[Played twice, for benefit of our global community]:
8pm [UTC] &
8pm [Central Time/UTC-5]

Dark Ambient Vol. 4
(Released for the Autumn Equinox, September 22, 2012)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

‎:[NEW:RELEASE]: Sombre Soniks - Dark Ambient Vol. 4

OUT NOW for the Autumn Equinox!

:[IN:ROTATION]: on :[DZR]:

Dark Ambient Vol. 4
Released: September 22, 2012
Label: Sombre Soniks Studios

"NAME YOUR PRICE" ...which to most of us means "FREE"  
Support the dark arts.  ~Haz (~.^)

Friday, September 21, 2012

:[SERVER:ROBOT]: Upgraded.

More space. 
More drone. 
More ritual noise. 
More haunted heads. 

(Time-lapse photo of a Tesla Coil.)

:[NEW] In Rotation: Session 9 (OST) by Climax Golden Twins

Climax Golden Twins - Session 9 
(Original Soundtrack) (2001)
Label: Milan

  1. A Few Simple Up and Down Jerks 
  2. Hobbes Theme 
  3. Noon, About Noon 
  4. I Live in the Gut 
  5. Mortified Pride 
  6. Exit Plan 
  7. I Want to Talk to Amy 
  8. I Saw You 
  9. Ward A 
  10. Seclusion 
  11. Disappointed Expectations 
  12. Piece for Tape Recorder 

Thursday, September 20, 2012


EMR in cooperation with NGP productions presents:
Saturday, September 22, 2012: 
Hex Rx/BIOCARBON13/[A]Brilliant Massacr[E] 
@ Livewire Lounge in Chicago 

Tonight at 8pm on :[DZR]:
In anticipation of this live event, :[DZR]: will play "Serial Hex Addict" by Hex Rx and "International Remixes" by BIOCARBON13. After these two releases play, there will be 2 tracks by [A]Brilliant Massacr[E] and a handful of older Hex Rx tracks. All wicked good shit.

Hex Rx - Serial Hex Addict (2012)

Biocarbon13 - International Remixes (2012)

Monday, September 17, 2012

:[IN:ROTATION]: Endless Asylum: Danvers State Hospital - Beyond Mental Illness

Endless Asylum: Danvers State Hospital - 
Beyond Mental Illness
Label - Caustic Records (CRR027)
Country - Spain
Released - July/2010

  1. The Journey Of Marie Bartel - "Chronicles Of A Patient..."
  2. Schizophrenia
  3. Childhood In The Asylum
  4. The Lobotomist
  5. Into The Deep Silence And Suffering
  6. Beyond Mental Illness
  7. The Voice Of Danvers
  8. When The Gates Of Oblivion Was Closed Forever

Sunday, September 16, 2012

:[SELECTED:TRACKS]: Semotus Vita - Surround Me

(Unter Null Side Project)
Semotus Vita - Surround Me


  1. Surround Me
  2. You Were Perfection
  3. These Walls
  4. Pity For the Corrupt
  5. In Silence There Is Only Darkness
  6. I Wish It Would End
  7. Agony
  8. Loveless Concerto
"Semotus Vita is a side-project of Erica Dunham (Unter Null/Stray) produced from 1997 until around 2002. Inspired originally by great dark ambient and noise artists such as Lustmord and Brighter Death Now as well as film-score composers such as Hans Zimmer. These tracks were never officially released but are now available for a name-your-pricing option on Bandcamp."

Released 28 March 2011
All tracks written and composed between 1997-2001 by Erica Dunham

Saturday, September 15, 2012

:[SELECTED:TRACKS]: Kalpamantra - Malignant Antibodies


Kalpamantra - Malignant Antibodies

Compilation/Various Artists
Label: Kalpamantra


  1. False Mirror - Magnetic North (Malignant Edit)
  2. Phragments & Rasalhague - Phobos
  3. Sphäre Sechs - Phase II
  4. Caul & Phelios - Astronomic Blur
  5. Phelios - The Second Moon
  6. R|A|A|N - Accounts Of The Salt-Plain Dancers 1936
  7. Caul - The Long Dust
  8. Blood Box - Wrath (Control 'Deadlier Sins' Mix)
  9. Navicon Torture Technologies & Deutsch Nepal - Victvm Vermis
  10. Phaenon - The Second Rise Of Terminus
  11. Collapsar - Anatomy Of The Mind
  12. Funerary Call - Wands Of Fire (Remix)
  13. - All That Remains Fuels The Subsequent Extinction
  14. Propergol - Hikikomori (Me & Mrs Seclusion)
  15. Sektor 304 - Black Tide Dub
  16. Skin Area & Jarl - La Petite Mort
  17. Satanismo Calibro 9 - Inauguration Of 713

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

:[INDUSTRIAL:WEDNESDAY]: Album of the Week [9pm-3am]

*NEW* on :[DZR]: 
:[INDUSTRIAL:WEDNESDAY]: Album of the Week

DZR will play this album on repeat from 9pm until 3am.

yelworC - Icolation
Label: Minuswelt Musikfabrik minus 036, Baal Records

  1. Lord of the three 3:19
  2. In the purgatory 4:10
  3. Without remorse (remix) 4:51
  4. Isolation 4:19
  5. Lost futile 5:47
  6. Phantoms of Conscience 5:17
  7. Inner monologue 3:39
  8. Ecce mundo (version 2) 4:09
  9. Personal Hell 3:11
  10. The bells of waiting 4:44
  11. Dark thorn (version 2) 6:20
  12. The shrine of illusion (version 2) 5:07
  13. Masks off 4:24
  14. Purple Blood 5:37
  15. Reason and refusal 4:00
  16. Essence awake 4:14
  17. Secret´s trace 4:39
Arranger: Peter Devin.
yelworC: Peter Devin (vocals).
Personnel: Peter Devin (vocals).
Additional personnel: Connie (vocals).

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


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Monday, September 3, 2012

:[NEW RELEASE]: Colossloth - Butterflies Are Witches

Colossloth - Butterflies Are Witches
Released: August 13, 2012
Sombre Soniks

  1. Butterflies Are Witches
  2. Lay Her By The Neck Of The Woods
  3. Black Deeds From Dead Seeds
  4. Show Me My No
  5. Bones Beneath The Balefire

"Picture a lonely, ash-covered land where there are no people but all the radios in the world continue to crackle away to themselves until time runs itself out. Here things drone, groan and whir quietly away to themselves. Long-lost vocal snippets are looped blearily into oblivion, machines are left to complete mindless tasks that no-one is left to oversee and guitar strings are brushed by the wind into a melody every once in a while through some strange and unnerving chance of fate. collectivezine online"