Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Sombre Soniks Sunday for September 30, 2012: Babalith - Xibalba Mannequins

:[DZR]: and Sombre Soniks Studios present

:[Played twice, for benefit of our global community]:
8pm [GMT+1/1pm CST] &
8pm [CST/3am GMT+1]

:[Feature for September 30, 2012]:
Babalith - Xibalba Mannequins 

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to receive a 25% off the cost of this release!!!
[Offer good from the start of the show until next week's Sombre Soniks Sunday]

"Babalith was first created in 2008 as an experimental project, meant to create altered states of mind and to investigate new ways of accomplishing music. The earlier works were used for plays but Babalith soon grew into an independent project. Starting as dark ambient and then adding some influences of ethnic music, noise, psychedelic, progressive, ambient and psy-trance, Xibalba Mannequins brings Babalist back to it's origins but denser. Babalith will now lead you into the realms of the dead star, the saturated place of fear and phantoms, through the deadly houses. Lay at the hands of the Blood Gatherer and know we shall not for ever die, but from under the earth we shall sleep."

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