Monday, September 3, 2012

:[NEW RELEASE]: Colossloth - Butterflies Are Witches

Colossloth - Butterflies Are Witches
Released: August 13, 2012
Sombre Soniks

  1. Butterflies Are Witches
  2. Lay Her By The Neck Of The Woods
  3. Black Deeds From Dead Seeds
  4. Show Me My No
  5. Bones Beneath The Balefire

"Picture a lonely, ash-covered land where there are no people but all the radios in the world continue to crackle away to themselves until time runs itself out. Here things drone, groan and whir quietly away to themselves. Long-lost vocal snippets are looped blearily into oblivion, machines are left to complete mindless tasks that no-one is left to oversee and guitar strings are brushed by the wind into a melody every once in a while through some strange and unnerving chance of fate. collectivezine online"

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