Sunday, August 19, 2012

:[SELECTED TRACKS]: :§:omnium - Gelida Vampa

:§:omnium - Gelida Vampa
Released: February 11, 2012
Label: nihilinteritrecords

"The music is made mainly with a bass and real time effects. Other instruments used (flutes,vocals…) are all acoustic and there aren’t digital source sounds. Tracks are recorded mostly live, mixed in few time to let the sound be as original and raw as it possible."

"Gelida vampa was released by nihil interit Records as double cd, on limitated ed. Here the first cd and the promotional video"

Selected tracks:

  1. Borartica
  2. Lătĕbra
  3. Gĕlāre
  4. Algĭdusŏpŏr
  5. Sublimare

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