Monday, October 8, 2012

:[DOUBLE::FEATURE]: Monday, October 8, 2012 :[10pm CST]:

Mors Universa - The Circle of Choronzon
The Temple of Algolagnia

:[Played twice for the benefit of our global community]:
10pm :[GMT+1]: (3pm CST)
10pm :[CST]: (5am Tuesday, GMT+1)

:[Mors Universa]:
Mors Universa has delved into the Dark Ambient genre originally as an experimental musical project, featuring more harsh sounds and atmospheres. What became of this, was a formula of Dark Ambient, Black Ambient, and Terror Ambient after the phases of musical expression with classical musical techniques made with industrial theories, to Post Industrial influences within Dark Ambient.

Now, with the release of The Circle of Choronzon, Mors Universa has firmly planted itself into a horror few have ever expressed. With a bleak future ahead, filled with the desire to express unending pain, and glorify madness, Mors Universa will blot out that last ray of Light you hold dear. And drown you in a crushing Blackness from where no living things dare to dream of.

:[The Temple of Algolagnia]:
Ceremonial invocations of The Void and it's atmospheres. The visions of Darkness and Death, solitary ascensions of personal suffering of the ego. As well as the joy of suffering itself, both internal and external.

The Temple of Algolagnia :[Facebook Page]:

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