Thursday, October 11, 2012

:[DZR]: FEATURE: Day Before Us/Nimh - Under Mournful Horizons

Day Before Us/Nimh - 
Under Mournful Horizons

8pm GMT+1 (2pm Central Time)
8pm Central Time (2am, Friday, GMT+1)

1. An uncertain dawn
2. Surrounded by a moonless night
3. In the court of a sorrowful season
4. Under mournful horizons 
5. Frozen gleams of eternity

A collaborative project between the French project, 
Day Before Us and the Italian project, Nimh. 

Under Mournful Horizons delivers supreme ambient pieces in a darkly cinematic and cathartic vein. The conceptual background is implicitly connected to the rumbling process of 
“entlichtung” and to the skeptical quest of men in a post-metaphysical era.

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