Friday, November 9, 2012

:[SOMBRE SONIKS SUNDAY]: November 11, 2012

Druhá Smrt - Recurrence
(Ritual Ambient)

Sunday, November 11, 2012
BROADCAST: 2pm & 10pm Central Standard Time

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:[Played twice for the benefit of our global community]:
*Start time is approximate. Show starts after the last track in rotation finishes.

Track List
  1. Becoming  7:57
  2. Something Strange  7:41
  3. Via Eschaton  8:02
  4. Recurrent  7:44
      "Druhá Smrt is a Dark Ambient Industrial project from Czech Republic. The main theme which flows under our musick is Eschatonickal...An attempt at artistic evocation magickaly & philosophickaly this " time beyond time " - transition from present to the coming strange Aeon. Every one of our compositions is ritual vision ( from varied angle ) of this inevitable immanentization process."

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