Wednesday, December 5, 2012

:[THURSDAY]: December 6, 2012: Bathory Legion

Bathory Legion - Bukkake S.T.N.
(Released 2012) 

Thursday, December 6, 2012
Broadcast @ 2pm & 10pm 
Central Standard Time

:[Played twice for the benefit of our global community]:
*Start time is approximate. Show starts after the last track in rotation finishes.

...from Facebook:




     Biography: Drummer/Keyboardist/Composer/Vox for Black Metal/Industrial bands since 1995.

     From 2000 to 2005 Bathory Legion left black metal and through an intense path of Mysticism and Esoterism experienced a new way of making music, to show the duality of life through a different perspective. BL calls it Dark Ambient Avantgarde.

     The biggest source of inspiration for BL are the experiences she had since she was “born”, and the practice to which she’s dedicating all her life in this amazing Black Cosmos and Anticosmos. which can be Alchemical, Physical, Psychic, Esoteric.

     All these concepts are resumed in the word she created “Anarcoesoterismo”, a Hymn to the Black Cosmos and Chaos.Musically BL range from experimentations to Avantgarde, from Industrial to Neofolk compositions. unforgiving Drone, distorted vocals, visionary suggestions. Alchemical symbologies, unique sounds. All that has been defined the Harsh Esoteric journey. 

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