Saturday, December 15, 2012

:[SOMBRE SONIKS SUNDAY]: December 15, 2012: ATF - Kthonik Korridors

Akoustik Timbre Frekuency - Kthonik Korridors
BROADCAST: 2pm & 10pm Central Standard Time 

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     Kontinuing thee kollaboration between Sombre Soniks and ATF Produktions we bring you thee full release of Kthonik Korridors, an homage to thee works of H P Lovecraft and thee Kthulhu Mythos.
     This was originally released on CD as a digipak by ATF Produktions in 2010. Now that thee physikal CDs of Kthonik Korridors have just about sold out it is time to bring this to Sombre Soniks with a digital release via thee label, featuring thee final digipak artwork from thee ATF Produktions release in 2010 plus thee original kassette artwork that was kreated before ATF decided to release this on CD!
     Instrumentation for this work inkluded singing bowls, shamanik rattles, seed shakers, Novation X-Station synth, field rekordings of skrap metal in thee Napoleonik tunnels underneath Dover and a large chunk of meat that was 'set upon with knives, machetes and a pitchfork'.

From thee original liner notes:
     “Thee new album is an homage to H. P. Lovecraft, to whom I owe so much. It is to be used as bakground atmospheriks for Rites dedikated to thee Kthulhu Mythos. Instrumentation inkludes singing bowls, flutes, rattles, synths and a large chunk of meat set upon with knives, machetes and a pitchfork. Thee kompositions were named using kut-ups of ‘The Call of Cthulhu’ by HPL except Komposition 2 which was kreated as a soundtrak for thee short film ‘Kalibration of thee Gods’ by Madguten.”
     Thee film kreated by Madguten has also been unleashed, in full HD for thee first time, by Sombre Soniks as a kompanion piece for this release. It is available for free download via thee Sombre Soniks Vimeo site here:

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